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Efficient by Design

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a car with a conscience. Built from the ground up to be as light and efficient as possible while being practical and fun to drive. A car designed to be equally at home in congested city streets or narrow country lanes.

Taking the core tenets that define the very concept of a compact – efficiency, practicality and cost-effectiveness – the Mirage has been engineered from the tyres to the spoiler to be a car that could stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Less is more

When it comes to the cost of living and impact on the environment Mitsubishi understand the need to get it right has never been more pressing, with the challenges of the 21st Century this has never been more apparent. So at Mitsubishi Motors we have designed the new Mirage to be lighter, more efficient and more nimble than your typical small car.

High expectations as standard

The Mirage is great value but it never, ever feels cut-price. Quite the contrary, in fact, since it’s packed full of features and is solidly screwed together. Take a seat and you’ll find them to be comfortable and supportive, providing an excellent driving position with superb visibility all round and controls within easy reach.

Engineered to be driven

What makes the Mirage Juro so remarkable is that efficiency comes with so little sacrifice. Constructed of high-tensile steel panelling the Mirage is light enough to be nimble and despite its small-car appearance, roomy enough to be an ideal family car and comfortably seat 5 adults. Available with a choice of 5-speed manual, or CVT automatic transmission (Continiuously Variable Transmission) providing better fuel economy than a standard automatic gearbox. 

Safely going about your business

It doesn’t matter whether you travel ten miles or ten times that number, safety is top of everyone’s list of priorities; it’s also a sphere in which the Mirage excels. Active safety measures across the range include a body designed to see and be seen, with daytime running lights, a clear view of the road and rear parking sensors, a stability and traction control system to help prevent drift around bends and aid linear acceleration, and a particulary clever Anti-lock Braking System.

Light in weight, heavy on benefits

The Mirage is one of the best value cars on the market today, yet it never skimps where it matters: on things like safety or handling or comfort. It doesn’t skimp on looks, either. You’ll not find a grey bumper anywhere since all the bodywork is colour-keyed; splash out on a Mirage Juro and the door handles and mirrors are colour-keyed too; and you’ll get a roof spoiler and privacy glass, as well as automatic, light sensitive headlights and rain sensitive wipers.

Of course, the Mirage is a flyweight, which helps with economy, agility and braking ability, but it feels well made, easy to drive and comfortable, with a cushioning ride. It offers space, low running costs, a good specification and peace of mind which comes with the Mitsubishi name, a name synonymous with reliability. Without a doubt, this small, compact car is a heavyweight when it comes to meeting the needs of the modern motorist.


For more details on the Mitsubishi Mirage Juro, current prices and offers, and to arrange a test drive please contact the Firs sales team on telephone 01608 737349.