New Mitsubishi Range
New Mitsubishi Range

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New L200 Browning Walkinshaw

The Mitsubishi L200 Browning Walkinshaw was created without compromise - beautifully proportioned, muscular presence and with a contemporary appearance.

Sitting back into the Browning Walkinshaw's bespoke luxurious leather seats, you will immediately see how the L200’s commanding driving position gives you unparalleled views of the road ahead.

Knowing whatever the road ahead throws at you, it is reassuring to know that the unique optional selectable four wheel drive, together with the high performance sports suspension will deliver outstanding cornering and agility unrivalled by any other pick-up.

Sports suspension

The L200 Browning Walkinshaw is based on the class leading Series 5 L200: incorporating a high performance suspension with a sophisticated five link rear suspension layout and coil spring replacement to the L200 system. To this, add Koni performance dampers to the front and rear and polyurethane performance bushes to give increased axle control. 

L200 Browning Walkinshaw suspension has been set-up for outstanding cornering performance, while at the same time delivering a quality ride and comfort, befitting a new generation sports utility truck.

Unique on and off-road four wheel drive

Using sensors located around the car, the L200 Browning Walkinshaw allows wheel slip at either end of the vehicle. The wheel slip is detected immediately and strategically applying each individual brake according to need, helping to prevent loss of control developing. Even whilst driving on hazardous roads at any speed, the system is so swift to react and so smooth in its actions, the driver is often unaware of its operation.   

Of course, the L200 still has its legendary differential lock and low range for the most brutal off-road conditions. The Mitsubishi L200 Browning Walkinshaw, a full-on off-road 4x4.


The L200 Browning Walkinshaw has an all-aluminium 2.4 direct injection engine, with dramatically reduced weight delivers and incredible 178 brake horse power with improved fuel economy, dynamic performance and impressive 0-62 mph.

Styling and equipment

Seated on the luxurious bespoke Browning Walkinshaw leather seats from the commanding driving position of the cockpit, the power adjustable seat hugs you, keeping your body in a safe and comfortable position in all circumstances, whether on or off road. Together with the heated, theses ensure that even the longest journey becomes a pleasure.

At your fingertips, the latest technology and equipment includes the state of the art navigation, communication and entertainment system. The new Series 5 L200 Browning Walkinshaw gives the perfect balance between practicality and durability, with the robustness of a 1 tonne truck, yet the refinement of a ‘car-like’ top end saloon environment.

Mitsubishi L200 Browning Walkinshaw the ultimate sports utility 1 tonne pick-up – yet to be rivalled


Mitsubishi L200 Browning S

The Mitsubishi L200 Browning S Series 5 offers a superb value option with the aesthetics of the Browning and the essence of the Browning Walkinshaw.

The Browning S benefits from the same legendary on-road 4x4 system and impressive 0-60 performance. Retaining the 1 tonne payload the Browning S is a robust working truck with carlike comfort, with prices starting from £19,995 + VAT (£23,994).  

Also available, select for details of the renowned Mitsubishi L200 Browning

For full specification of the L200 Browning range, prices and to arrange a test drive, call Firs Garage sales tel. 01608 737349.

(Mitsubishi L200 Browning range is available from Firs Garage. Mitsubishi L200 Browning S and Mitsubishi L200 Browning Walkinshaw special edition is a post-registration upgrade. For complete specification of Mitsubishi L200 please request a brochure and prices. Purchase of guns requires a valid shotgun certificate; price of gun on application. Rear cargo items for illustration purposes only and not included with purchase of vehicle. The right is reserved to change specification and features without prior notice. For more information contact the Firs sales team tel. 01608 737349)