New Mitsubishi Range
New Mitsubishi Range

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Introducing the latest Outlander, an SUV with 21st century sensitivity

Supremely capable and eminently practical - the Mitsubishi Outlander personifies its SUV (sports utility vehicle) classification perfectly. Researched to perfection the Mitsubishi Outlander diesel is built for a 21st century lifestyle, delivering fuel efficiency, luxury, practicality and safety with legendary Mitsubishi reliability built in. 

  • Seats up to 7 people in spacious comfort yet its footprint won't take over your garage or dominate your drive 
  • On-demand four-wheel drive which is more capable of beating bad weather or making light work of heavy terrain
  • Its frugal and clean-running nature returns economies that will delight
  • High-vantage, big car protection designed to minimise injury to occupants, pedestrians and vehicles lighter than itself       
  • Premium, luxurious interior with smooth handling and a quiet ride

Good to the world, good to you

The new Mitsubishi Outlander features leading fuel economy and environmental performance that exceeds expectations, the super-efficient DI-D engine or petrol engines both realise unprecedented fuel economy and low emissions and feature both the Mitsubishi Auto Stop & Go technology and new Eco driving mode engaging features across the car that save on fuel consumption.

Luxury inside and out

Continuing the reputation for quality build and engineering, the Mitsubishi Outlander is a premium vehicle.  Luxury inside and out, from the cut of the fabric to the moulding of the dash, and from the highest levels of technology too.

A secure future

With more cars on the roads the future will mean more traffic and more jams than ever. The Mitsubishi Outlander is ready to meet this challenge with advanced safety features to protect you and yours at every step of the journey. From the innovative radar-powered Forward Collision Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control systems to the convenience functions of the Outlander’s Speed Limiter and 7 airbags, the Outlander comes packed with all these safety features and more. The Mitsubishi Outlander achieved official recognition with a Euro NCAP 5 star rating, with 100% in the "active safety" category.

And not just for passengers, 4Work too

Appreciating work should be a pleasure, Mitsubishi have built the Outlander 4Work commercial variant retaining comfort, style and reliabililty - a vehicle with smooth handling, quiet ride, outstanding fuel economy and not skimping on the clever technology to keep you moving in all conditions. 

For more details of the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander range, current prices and offers, and to arrange a test drive please contact the Firs sales team on telephone 01608 737349.