New Mitsubishi Range
New Mitsubishi Range

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Why Intelligent Motion?

intelligent [in·tel·i·juh·nt]
Adjective, meaning “to have a good understanding or a high mental capacity; characterized by quickness of understanding, sound thought, or good judgement.”

motion [moh·shuhn]
Noun, meaning “the power of movement in a specific direction, the action of changing place or position.”

Intelligent models from Mitsubishi

The very essence of Intelligent Motion can be seen be seen in the Mitsubishi range from the all electric i-MIEV to the latest model cars and 4x4s for ClearTec technology. 

Intelligent technology and manufacturing

Technology is at the forefront of Intelligent Motion with Mitsubishi leading the way on intelligent technology, from the energy saving Auto Stop & Go system to clean diesel engines and electric and hybrid engines. Intelligent Motion follows through the manufacturing process with the practices employed and materials used, designed and selected to ensure maximum efficiency and waste minimised intelligently. 

Intelligent Motion

The Intelligent Motion initiative from Mitsubishi cystalises their shared commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, with managing environmental impact a key tenet of the organisation.

More information

For more information on Intelligent Motion and the Mitsubishi range of vehicles please call our Firs sales team on tel. 01608 737349.