New Mitsubishi Range
New Mitsubishi Range

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Mitsubishi technology safer road handling

Mitsubishi vehicle technology offers safer road holding

Mitsubishi advanced technology provides superior road handling, assuring you of increased safety on all road surfaces and terrains and in all weather conditions. 

M-ASTC Mitsubishi Active Stablilty & Traction Contol 

Mitsubishi advanced technology - Mitsubishi Active Stability & Traction Control

Traction ControlActive Stability Control

If sensors located throughout the vehicle detect unstable movement, such as lateral slippage, the Stability Control function automatically controls the brakes and engine output to stabilise the vehicle.

If the sensors detect wheel slip when starting on slick surfaces, such as a snow-covered road, the Traction Control function automatically brakes the slipping wheel and governs engine output to enable a smoother start.

ABS with EBD

Mitsubishi advanced vehicle technology - ABS with EBD

Lateral slippage can easily occur if the rear wheels lock up due to braking hard on slippery surfaces or braking hard when at high speeds. ABS suppresses this by controlling the brakes' hydraulic pressure. EBD adjusts the rear wheels’ braking force to the number of occupants and load to deliver braking force that is ideally matched to almost any situation. 

M-ASTC and ABS are available on many vehicles across the Mitsubishi range, including Mitsubishi Shogun, L200 pickup, Outlander and ASX. Please call the Firs sales team for more details and to arrange a test drive tel. 01608 737349.  

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