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Mitsubishi iMiev electric car - a revelation!

Charging into the future? The Mitsubishi iMiev all electric car

Article taken from a review by the Shutford News

At last the future has arrived and it is here on our doorstep. Thanks to our local Mitsubishi dealer, The Firs Garage, I have been able to drive the all electric iMiEV, and I really recommend that you do too. What a revelation! This car breaks all the rules. It is amazingly quiet, very comfortable and incredibly cheap to run whilst being the easiest car to drive that I have ever sampled and completely emissions free. Powered entirely by electricity, the car comes complete with normal luxury car equipment including air conditioning.

Mitsubishi iMiev electric car available from Firs Garage - charging into the future?

The car will travel for 80 -100 miles on a fully charged battery which can be recharged at home via a 13 amp socket in 8 hrs, which at normal domestic tariff would cost under £4.The cost of petrol for an equivalent size small car would be a minimum of £12. Alternatively, the use of a 3 phase charging point, would give an 80% charge in half an hour, just convenient for a coffee break. A chain of recharging points are being installed in towns and on major routes by a company called Polar, so it will be possible to use the vehicle on well planned longer journeys. These charging points need no human intervention, so availability will be 24/7 and eventually will provide 100% renewable energy. How green is that?

The Mitsubishi iMiev amazingly easy to drive, punching well above its weight in comfort and refinement and with exceptional  environmental credentials the Mitsubishi iMiev is undoubtedly a taste of the future.

For more information on the Mitsubishi iMiev electric car and to arrange a test drive please call the Firs sales team on tel. 01608 737349

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